Wagtail 2.6 release notes - IN DEVELOPMENT

What’s new

Other features

  • Added support for short_description for field labels in modeladmin’s InspectView (Wesley van Lee)
  • Rearranged SCSS folder structure to the client folder and split them approximately according to ITCSS. (Naomi Morduch Toubman, Jonny Scholes, Janneke Janssen, Hugo van den Berg)
  • Added support for specifying cell alignment on TableBlock (Samuel Mendes)
  • Added more informative error when a non-image object is passed to the image template tag (Deniz Dogan)
  • Added more ARIA landmarks across the admin interface and welcome page for screen reader users to navigate the CMS more easily (Beth Menzies)
  • Added ButtonHelper examples in the modelAdmin primer page within documentation (Kalob Taulien)

Bug fixes

  • ModelAdmin no longer fails when filtering over a foreign key relation (Jason Dilworth, Matt Westcott)
  • The Wagtail version number is now visible within the Settings menu (Kevin Howbrook)
  • Scaling images now rounds values to an integer so that images render without errors (Adrian Brunyate)
  • Revised test decorator to ensure TestPageEditHandlers test cases run correctly (Alex Tomkins)
  • Wagtail bird animation in admin now ends correctly on all browsers (Deniz Dogan)
  • Explorer menu no longer shows sibling pages for which the user does not have access (Mike Hearn)
  • Fixed occurences of invalid HTML across the CMS admin (Thibaud Colas)
  • Admin HTML now includes the correct dir attribute for the active language (Andreas Bernacca)
  • Fix type error when using --chunk_size argument on ./manage.py update_index (Seb Brown)
  • Avoid rendering entire form in EditHandler’s repr method (Alex Tomkins)
  • Add empty alt attributes to HTML output of Embedly and oEmbed embed finders (Andreas Bernacca)
  • Add empty alt attributes to all images in the CMS admin (Andreas Bernacca)
  • Make URL generator preview image alt translateable (Thibaud Colas)

Upgrade considerations

Removed support for Python 3.4

Python 3.4 is no longer supported as of this release; please upgrade to Python 3.5 or above before upgrading Wagtail.