The project template


The “core” app

Location: /mysite/core/

This app is here to help get you started quicker by providing a HomePage model with migrations to create one when you first setup your app.

Default templates and static files

Location: /mysite/core/templates/ and /mysite/core/static/

The templates directory contains base.html, 404.html and 500.html. These files are very commonly needed on Wagtail sites to they have been added into the template.

The static directory contains an empty JavaScript and SASS file. Wagtail uses django-compressor for compiling and compressing static files. For more information, see: Django Compressor Documentation

Vagrant configuration

Location: /Vagrantfile and /vagrant/

If you have Vagrant installed, these files let you easily setup a development environment with PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch inside a virtual machine.

If you do not want to use Vagrant, you can just delete these files.

Django settings

Location: /mysite/mysite/settings/

The Django settings files are split up into,, and
This file is for global settings that will be used in both development and production. Aim to keep most of your configuration in this file.
This file is for settings that will only be used by developers. For example: DEBUG = True
This file is for settings that will only run on a production server. For example: DEBUG = False

This file is used for settings local to a particular machine. This file should never be tracked by a version control system.


On production servers, we recommend that you only store secrets in (such as API keys and passwords). This can save you headaches in the future if you are ever trying to debug why a server is behaving badly. If you are using multiple servers which need different settings then we recommend that you create a different file for each one.