Customising admin templates

In your projects with Wagtail, you may wish to replace elements such as the Wagtail logo within the admin interface with your own branding. This can be done through Django’s template inheritance mechanism.


Using {% extends %} in this way on a template you’re currently overriding is only supported in Django 1.9 and above. On Django 1.8, you will need to use django-overextends instead.

You need to create a templates/wagtailadmin/ folder within one of your apps - this may be an existing one, or a new one created for this purpose, for example, dashboard. This app must be registered in INSTALLED_APPS before wagtail.wagtailadmin:

    # ...



    # ...

Custom branding

The template blocks that are available to customise the branding in the admin interface are as follows:


To replace the favicon displayed when viewing admin pages, create a template file dashboard/templates/wagtailadmin/admin_base.html that overrides the block branding_favicon:

{% extends "wagtailadmin/admin_base.html" %}
{% load staticfiles %}

{% block branding_favicon %}
    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="{% static 'images/favicon.ico' %}" />
{% endblock %}


To replace the login message, create a template file dashboard/templates/wagtailadmin/login.html that overrides the block branding_login:

{% extends "wagtailadmin/login.html" %}

{% block branding_login %}Sign in to Frank's Site{% endblock %}


To replace the welcome message on the dashboard, create a template file dashboard/templates/wagtailadmin/home.html that overrides the block branding_welcome:

{% extends "wagtailadmin/home.html" %}

{% block branding_welcome %}Welcome to Frank's Site{% endblock %}

Extending the login form

To add extra controls to the login form, create a template file dashboard/templates/wagtailadmin/login.html.

above_login and below_login

To add content above or below the login form, override these blocks:

{% extends "wagtailadmin/login.html" %}

{% block above_login %} If you are not Frank you should not be here! {% endblock %}


To add extra fields to the login form, override the fields block. You will need to add {{ block.super }} somewhere in your block to include the username and password fields:

{% extends "wagtailadmin/login.html" %}

{% block fields %}
    {{ block.super }}
    <li class="full">
        <div class="field iconfield">
            Two factor auth token
            <div class="input icon-key">
                <input type="text" name="two-factor-auth">
{% endblock %}


To completely customise the login form, override the login_form block. This block wraps the whole contents of the <form> element:

{% extends "wagtailadmin/login.html" %}

{% block login_form %}
    <p>Some extra form content</p>
    {{ block.super }}
{% endblock %}